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What types of projection mapping are there?


Nothing short of magic, projection mapping gives any structure, object, or even landmark the optical illusion of animations, images, and 3D effects. By experimenting with light and design, projection mapping can turn any surface into a blank canvas and give viewers an incredible immersive experience. Our technology partners have the best tools to realise your mapping project, and our AV Alliance members have completed countless outstanding projection mapping projects.

Standard projection, also referred to as video projection, is a well-known and typical meeting feature where content is projected onto a flat screen, including presentations, videos, and static images.

Projection mapping: – By projecting animated content or video onto any surface or object, such as architectural features, buildings, walls, landmarks, etc., projection mapping—also known as video mapping—can turn any structure into an interactive display. This task can now be done without a flat surface.

3D projection mapping: – 3D projection mapping enables you to spatially map — or project — pictures or videos onto any irregular surface. This includes anything with an unusual shape, including furniture, statues, vehicles, and even structures with unusual architectural features. A programme that renders the surface and accurately positions the content on it is necessary for 3D mapping.

Immersive projection mapping: – Immersive projection mapping is a unique art form that makes use of every type of surface in a space to transport viewers into a captivating experience using virtual reality (VR). For example, it is becoming more and more common when designing immersive exhibitions.

Mapping for venues and events both inside and outside

For a variety of live events, including concerts, live performances, TV productions, festivals, exhibitions, trade shows, corporate events, meetings and conferences, product launches, etc., our members’ projection mapping solutions can be used both inside and outside. Projection mapping is also available for permanent and semi-permanent installations, such as those found in public institutions, corporate buildings, hotel lobbies, and places of worship.

While immersive video mapping is typically done indoors, 3D projection mapping can be accomplished on any facade or surface of any indoor or outdoor object, as well as on buildings, landmarks, or geographic formations.

Trustable projection mapping equipment

We employ a range of projection mapping hardware for these purposes. The AV equipment that is used has a significant impact on the projection mapping solution’s quality. We will always use a high-quality projector for accurate light quality. Our technology partners Barco and Panasonic are primarily responsible for providing our projectors. We can produce a lot of light by using a high-quality projector.

A media server is the projection mapping hardware that is necessary in the background. We make use of premium servers from Disguise, among other things. We can use our mapping solutions for a variety of live events. For any kind of space, immersive solutions are possible. We combine the most cutting-edge creative methods with cutting-edge tools.

A projection mapping programme is what?

To perform the necessary calculations and guarantee a proper output of the projected images onto the target surface, video mapping requires very specialized software solutions. The most original ideas can be realised by using the right software solution. The software enables spatial mapping of images or videos onto any kind of surface using one or more projectors. It offers a hands-on way to deliver optical illusions.

What is the price of projection mapping?

The cost of projection mapping solutions is greatly influenced by the setup. The size of the used object is a factor. Size and the amount and type of equipment used are related. It costs more to complete your project when a large object is the subject of projection mapping because more high-power projectors are needed. The requirement for creative services is another crucial factor. The kind of image or animation that can be used has no restrictions. Many projection mapping solutions have been delivered by our members, utilising the widest range of images.

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