Rudri Pictures is a leading event planning and management company based in West Andheri, Mumbai. We have been a leading force in the performing arts industry since 1999, performing in Mumbai, Delhi and the world at large! Our experience and expertise lies in developing and executing pitch perfect corporate events. We do this by balancing our clients’ needs with their budget.

At Rudri Pictures., we are dedicated to delivering high-value corporate content since 2008. This includes all kinds of marketing and advertising pitches, product introductions and executive speeches. We make it our job to present the very best about your company to your clients. And we do so in the careful, considerate and concise words.  This is why we have so much industry prestige!

After a detailed client briefing, our event planning execs start their work. They give due attention to every major and minor detail. These professionals experienced and bring unique specializations to the table. This ensures that your event will be a grand success.

For corporate events, we follow a well-defined approach. In our event planning phase, we consider the client as well as the audience. We believe it is critical to consider those for whom the event is held. This lets us write perfectly for all kinds of corporate events. We range lies from product launches and shareholders seminars. We can fine tune your event to make it memorable for everyone.


We readily cater to a diverse range of audiences without missing out of subtleties. We understand the nuances of marketing and brand placement for different demographics. We frequently handle several high-profile clients and their events. This gives us a working edge over other event management agencies. Choose the best corporate content development firm for your event today!