Product Branding

Rudri Pictures is a prominent VFX and music production company with a strong presence in the industry. We are well-known for working with many upcoming as well as well-established artists in the Indian creative industries. Our services have achieved success because we have helped many aspiring artists and musicians find the right professional services. We not only serve commercial and popular music genres but also more specific domains.

Starting a commercially successful career in is movies and music is incredibly challenging. You not only need talent but also someone who can translate your vision into a commercially viable product. Rudri Pictures is one such commercial visual graphics movie and music production house.

We serve countless filmmakers and musicians from all over India and help them achieve a reputed standing in the industry. Our production house offers top-of-the-line technologies to clients. This helps them convert their artistic ambitions to reality in a very sophisticated yet reasonable budget. Naturally, our production facilities are always in-demand and bookings are recommended.