3d projection mapping is one of the rapidly growing technologies in the world. We also know as 3d video mapping, this mapping technology used to turn objects into a display surface for video projection. 3d projection mapping works best at night or in low-light environments so that the projection images stand brightly against the background. It’s primarily used in the 3d Hologram with interactive technology solutions and projects creative & catchy 3d images/videos on a surface. It’s very fun, attention-catching & innovative, 3d Hologram mapping widely utilized by brands all around the world to launch products. 3d Mapping is giving a brilliant display of your brand and gain greater customer attraction and visibility.

Rudri Pictures is one of the leading 3d Mapping Services providers in India. We provide Led Interactive Dance with 3d mapping, Product lunch with 3d Mapping. 3D visuals to be projected by our experts’ designers. Mostly Corporate Product launching events have a great opportunity for employing a 3D Mapping to showcase their product in a better way. This 3d projection Mapping Hologram will help your customers understand your product and brand better with recall value.

All your Birthday parties and Anniversary Parties, when you celebrate with cool visuals 3d projection make it more interesting and attention-catching. 3d hologram is the perfect way to showcase the special memories associated with the occasion in creative 3d images/videos.

Rudri Picture will help in your events to turn into 3d mapping hologram with special effects and dance. We are specialized in event marketing and deployments. Our effective, creative interactive technology solutions will help you achieve your event’s objective with a fun, exciting solution.

3d Mapping in Mumbai

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