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Social Media’s Importance at Events

One of the most effective ways to make your presence known and remembered is to encourage your guests to participate in your social media. It is also extremely beneficial for brand awareness because guests can interact with your brand before, during, and after your event. We have a fantastic selection of interactive entertainment to keep your guests entertained. Consider incorporating some of these ideas into your event planning to encourage guests to interact in novel ways.

Social media marketing is now one of the quickest ways for people to learn about upcoming events. Reach out to potential new attendees more quickly and easily than ever before, and generate attention and online buzz for your next event.

It is best to start promoting your event months in advance. Using social media event marketing to promote your event makes it easier to increase attendance. The simplest methods are Facebook events and targeted ads. Paid ads are an excellent way to promote public events; you can define your demographic and then target the general public – private events will not require this type of advertising.

How should social media be used at events?

Instagram posts and stories: Begin a countdown to the event and post something every day, providing more details each time. From the event entertainment to the decoration, these small glimpses of what to expect will entice attendees.
  • Instagram live: Use this feature to show your event as it happens, or use it in advance to allow potential clients to ask you questions about the event in the comments section.
  • Instagram highlights: Share short videos from the planning process all the way through to the key moments after the event has taken place, a newer feature that is quickly gaining popularity.
  • TikTok: One of the most rapidly growing platforms, and an excellent way to share content from your event. TikTok is a platform with an audience for everything, from the planning process to the final minutes of your event. On the day of your event, you can go live on TikTok, just like you would on Instagram; the difference is that anyone, not just those who follow you, can see your live feed on TikTok.
  • Twitter: Twitter, a platform known for spreading news faster than any other media, uses hashtags to direct users to a trending topic. Tweet about your event’s process for others to like and retweet. Use unique hashtags created for your event to promote your event across all platforms, a fantastic tool for expanding your reach further than before.
  • Influencers: With millions of followers across multiple platforms, influencers can help you expand your online reach significantly.
  • LinkedIn: A great way to promote and engage with prospective attendees; because this platform is geared toward businesses, content posted here should be tailored to the audience. LinkedIn can help you attract more people to your brand if you use the right content.
  • Top tip: Posting before, during, and after your event will give people a taste of what they’re missing. You instil FOMO (fear of missing out) in them and make them want to attend your next event.

How do I increase social media participation at an event?

social media

Use social media entertainment that combines interactive and content. Hire acts that will pique the interest of your attendees and combine this with innovative ways of incorporating social media for marketing. Examine our suggestions for increasing social media engagement at your next event.

Vending Machine for Social Media

This machine is for you if you want to use social media to promote your business. Encourage your guests to take photos and upload them to Instagram or Twitter using the event’s unique hashtag, and the device will release a free branded corporate giveaway.

Digital Graffiti Interactive Wall

This cutting-edge social media technology is ready to become the next installation at your event. Allow your guests to create their own artwork and share it on social media.

Instagram Selfie Printer

This printer, a modern take on the static photo booth, is ready to capture the perfect moments from your event. Encourage your guests to interact with one another, take pictures all night, and share them on social media.

Flair Bartenders with Awards

This act is sure to generate social buzz for any event, and with 9 million TikTok followers and over 500,000 YouTube subscribers, he’s no stranger to the spotlight.

Tik Tok Dance Class

Learn these fun dances in just 10 minutes and share them with the world on social media using a unique hashtag.

Making a social impact at your event

Creating a social buzz at your event increases your visibility and helps to attract new customers. Hire acts that combine art and technology to gain online traction, and allow your guests to act as brand ambassadors and promoters!

Light Painting Photography in the UAE

A one-of-a-kind method for businesses to incorporate logos and brand messaging into stunning low-light images. Guests at the event will be excited to take the results home and share them on social media.

Drone Display

A drone show, which is both high-tech and high-impact, can produce aerial photographs and animated footage. Use drones to promote an event, a brand, a logo, or a company message. An act capable of recreating QR codes that direct your guests to your socials.

Did this blog pique your interest in finding the perfect entertainment for your event, but you didn’t find it right away? Contact our experts, who are always ready to help you find the best entertainment for your specific needs.

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