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However, when developing software, you are frequently surprised by how your users or you can use it. This was the case with the use of LSS for dance shows. It could control DMX analogue led strips and had a timeline feature, which were the two most important features for Tron Dance performances.

What functions does the LED Strip Studio offer?

LSS software includes a plethora of useful features. But I’d like to focus on the three most important.

LED Strip Studio software includes everything you need to create Tron Dance shows.

Editor of colour scenes

You can create an unlimited number of scenes for your show using LSS’s quick and simple colour scene editor. It is not necessary for the scene to be static. In the editor, you can create complete colour change animations. And the ability to quickly copy and paste animations between suits is really speeding up the creation.

The animation library is my favourite feature that I always use. It allows you to quickly select costume parts and assign animation to them:

You can use the animation library to quickly assign animation to specific LED suit segments.

The most recent version even lets you create 2D colour effects and play videos on the suits. Because each suit has “only” 16 separate parts, it may appear impractical. But that is not the case. It looks amazing when you play videos of burning fire on the suits, for example.

The fire effect displayed on the LED suits is stunning. In the visualisation as well as in live performance.

The editor is where you will spend 60-70% of your creation time. And, because of its features, it’s a really enjoyable experience.

Timeline of Music Synchronization

It enables you to precisely sync your scenes to the music. Using the timeline is a simple process. Simply drag the scene from the bank onto one of the lines and set the duration. When creating an LED dance show, the timeline feature I use the most is mixing multiple scenes. It lets you organise the workspace scenes for each suit and then mix and match them as needed. The ability to define fade in and out for each scene in the show also saves a lot of time.

Hardware assistance

I’m aware that I’m discussing software. However, the software controls the hardware, and they truly function as one unit. On your LSS screen, you can always see that the hardware is working properly. The Ethernet connection allows for quick setup. And the rest is taken care of by the dependable DMX Wi-Fi. Typically, preparing the hardware controllers takes no more than 15 minutes.

Important additional features

Here's a quick rundown of the remaining features I like:

  • In LSS, you can define and work with custom suit designs.
  • Midi MTC synchronisation is useful for TV shows because it allows you to synchronise to remaining show elements such as effect lights or lasers.
  • The operation’s speed. If your client requests changes at the last minute, changing the show in a few minutes is really no problem.
  • We never create the shows with dancers in mind. I usually sit with the choreographer and we prepare the show entirely with software.
  • Or, to put it another way, there are no restrictions- you can wear as many suits as you want. Simply add more LSS controllers to create shows for 20 or more dancers…

We’ve been using LSS for a year to create dance shows. And we’re still adding new features to make the process even easier. If you’re a busy person who needs to quickly create Tron Dance shows, or if your customers are a little unpredictable and require quick changes before the show, LSS is the one for you. It will undoubtedly assist you in performing better than the other possible methods of creating LED dance performances:

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