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Ideas, Activities, and Experiences for Virtual Christmas Party

For those of us still grappling with the challenges of remote working, the idea of an office Christmas party may seem quaint. Scarlett Entertainment, on the other hand, offers a fantastic selection of festive virtual entertainment options that will leave your online teams feeling connected and well and truly in the holiday spirit

Our virtual Christmas party activities, which draw on popular themes this holiday season such as sustainability, nostalgia, and connection, use popular platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet to ensure that anyone, anywhere, can participate. Our virtual hosts are adaptable and experienced, with professional setups to ensure the best possible audio and video quality.

Our top ten virtual Christmas party ideas are intended to combat “Zoom fatigue.” They will not only increase engagement by encouraging group participation, but each experience will be unique, fun, and festive! We have you covered if you’re looking for virtual work Christmas party ideas or want to plan a festive event for family and friends.

Top Ten Virtual Christmas Party Activities

1) Vlad's Online Cocktail Class

A Christmas party wouldn’t be complete without a festive toast! Our award-winning flair mixologist Vlad hosts our luxury Virtual Cocktail Masterclass, guiding online guests through the creation of a variety of delicious cocktails (or mocktails) including classic flavours or fun holiday drinks. Perfect for sipping on during the remainder of your virtual event!

2) Holiday Bingo and Beats

Look no further than our online musical bingo challenge if you’re ready to break out the Christmas party games. Our Festive Bingo and Beats adds a contemporary and upbeat twist to the classic game of bingo by including your favourite festive music and even hiding visual clues on screen!

3) Online Holiday Chocolate Making

Christmas is the ideal time to indulge, and our Online Festive Chocolate Making is the ideal treat for remote teams. Your virtual guests will create deliciously decadent treats such as Christmas Pudding shaped truffles and holiday-themed chocolate lollipops, hosted by our very own master chocolatier, Oli the Choc!

4) Acoustic Christmas Virtual Duo

Can you even call it a Christmas party if you don’t have your favourite Christmas songs? Our Virtual Christmas Acoustic Duo performs a diverse repertoire of chart-topping hits and seasonal favourites that will have your online guests singing and dancing along.

5) Online Holiday Origami Workshop

Our online festive origami class is the ideal way to unwind before the holiday chaos and promote a more sustainable holiday. Discover how plain sheets of paper can be transformed into Christmas decorations with just a few simple folds.

Online visitors will be guided step-by-step by our professional paper artist as they create festive origami in the shapes of Christmas trees, stars, and Santa himself! These miniature models are a fantastic way for remote teams to decorate their homes, and social media followers will adore them as well!

6) Virtual Holiday Calligraphy

virtual christmas party

Get festive with calligraphy! Our Christmas-themed online calligraphy workshop is hosted by talented artists who are eager to teach online guests the fundamental skills, letter strokes, and techniques required to decorate Christmas tree baubles, gift tags, and Christmas cards with lovely hand-written festive messages. This is a fantastic holiday activity to promote upcycling and sustainability during the holiday season.

7) Virtual Vegan Holiday Cooking

If you want to make your Christmas menu more inclusive for your friends who have different dietary needs, our expert host Holly White has some top tips and recipes for an ultra festive and entirely vegan Christmas feast! This festive cook-along uses ingredients that are widely available, and with Holly’s guidance, your guests will be whipping up tasty vegan holiday treats in no time.

8) Truth or Bluff Holiday Edition

Find out who your office’s best bluffer is as they tell outlandish stories from their past – but are they true or false? Our Festive Truth or Bluff is the ideal online Christmas party activity because it is highly interactive and absolutely hilarious.

9) Virtual Holiday Drag Show

Our Virtual Festive Drag Show is the show for you if you want nostalgic Christmas party vibes with a high-energy and contemporary twist. Our hosts, decked out in sparkle, bright colours, and outrageous costumes, guide guests through top-secret festive drink recipes, perform mind-blowing song and dance routines, and much more!

10) 2021 Big Fat Quiz

Finish the year and your online holiday party with our Big Fat Quiz of 2021! Our customisable quiz, live-streamed by our fabulous host, includes trivia questions about movies, music, news, and popular culture from the previous year.

This interactive game puts your team’s knowledge of events from another strange year to the test, complete with audio clips, picture rounds, and even scavenger hunt activities to get guests up and moving!

Today is the day to reserve entertainment for your virtual Christmas party.

Our top ten virtual Christmas activities are just a sampling of the festive virtual experiences available. We’re always coming up with new and exciting ideas for virtual Christmas events, so get in touch with us today to learn about even more ways to host your office Christmas party online this year.

Merry Christmas!

If you haven’t already embraced virtual events, Christmas is the ideal time. We’ve booked virtual entertainment for a plethora of clients, so you can be confident that all of our online activities have been tried, tested, and enjoyed by us.

Contact us today for more information on how to host a virtual event.

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