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What You Should Know About Audiovisual and Event Safety

When people think about audiovisual and event safety, they usually think about security personnel and protocols. While these elements are critical to event planning, they are not the be-all and end-all of event safety. A great deal of thought and attention must go into planning a safe event from an AV standpoint.

The Ultimate Event Safety Checklist

Event Lighting for Safety and Security

Adequate lighting is actually crucial to any event safety plan. By highlighting safety hazards and helping with security monitoring, adequate lighting can help supplement event management processes. It also aids security and medical personnel on the scene in the case of an emergency or evacuation.

Event lighting should include:

  • Establish space boundaries.
  • Light walkways and venues that are ideal for walking
  • Keep emergency lighting on hand.
  • Exits with lights and exit signs
  • Be code-compliant and up to date.

Noise and Volume Control

audiovisual and event safety

When it comes to safety, few people consider noise levels. It seems almost implied that there will be a lot of noise at music festivals, concerts, fairs, and the like. However, loud noises can be damaging to the ears, causing permanent damage or loss.

Consider the risks associated with noise exposure when planning a successful event, and take steps to control sound levels.

Allow employees and staff to take regular breaks from loud noise, whether from the event’s sound system or machinery during set-up and tear-down.

You can also provide quiet areas where attendees can go to get away from the noise. Monitor your system’s overall sound output to ensure it does not exceed safe levels, and arrange your event space so that the audience is not within 10 feet of loudspeakers.

Element-Resistant Technology

Severe weather can strike unexpectedly, requiring event managers and audiovisual teams to adapt quickly. When Mother Nature strikes, she can devastate an entire event, especially if it is held outside.

Being aware of event production security and prepared for climate conditions can help with safety measures and event equipment protection. Rigging for AV machinery and outdoor stages, for example, must be adequately secured.

The size and weight of such equipment can be hazards in and of themselves if damaged or falls during severe weather, posing safety, security, and financial risks. The suitability of a venue is also important in this regard because some may not adjust for the elements.

Investing in weather-resistant equipment and gear (such as strong winds, lightning, snowstorms, and so on) is an essential component of any event safety plan.

Trip Risk Awareness

It is mandatory to secure cables and wires at events.

This is for everyone’s safety, including the crew, contractors, and attendees. Unsecured lines can cause someone to trip and injure themselves, which may result in a lawsuit. To reduce this risk, any cables that run across the floor should be equipped with a cable ramp.

Installing Equipment Properly

Having incredibly heavy equipment and lighting hanging in the air above both employees and guests seems scary enough; if the equipment is poorly rigged, it becomes potentially lethal.

Having qualified riggers and skilled workers might be the difference between a good time and a disaster.

The same is true for correctly installing LED walls. LED walls can collapse and fall if not supported by the proper counterweight framework, placing artists, speakers, and viewers at risk. Always have skilled experts install or rig equipment, and always double-check it.

Members of a well-trained AV team

Nobody knows audiovisual hazards like professional and experienced AV technicians.

This is the crew in charge of erecting enormous constructions, operating and securing heavy equipment, and stringing lights from suspended structures.

With so many moving pieces, you’ll want to be sure you’re selecting a properly trained workforce that prioritises event safety. You have a bigger likelihood of things going wrong if you don’t have adequately qualified specialists, which puts people’s safety at risk.

The skilled and qualified personnel at One Way Event Production take event safety very seriously. Contact us to learn more about how to make your event safe for everyone involved and how we can assist with event safety management.

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