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Visualiser of Product Launch, Permanent installations, Public Events, Special Projects Content VIsualiser Content Created

Visualiser will help you visualise your digital content requirement to create digital immersive experiences for the screen and the physical world, Rudri Pictures is currently located in Delhi, Mumbai, works well globally on Visual Content.

Performed and created Immersive Experiences

3D Mapping on Buldings

Temporary and Permanent Installations


launching a product is these days much more then just praising its features. philosophy and product’s essence to their customers. New technologies and fresh ideas let brands and companies communicate their values,

Holographic Projection on mesh screen

3D holographic projection is undoubtedly the winning choice when your aim is to impress the audience and leave them with an unforgettable experience.

product Launch

Each of our content is specifically Designed To bring your imagination to real life. We cover all stage aspects like music mix, choreography, animation and stage lighting,pre and post production.

Public Events

The Aryavart Bank (AB) is an Indian Government owned Regional Rural Bank (RRB) in Uttar Pradesh established on 1 April 2019.


Visual Content


Led Interactive Content


Content Visualised


Corporate Content


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