VFX Animation for Films and Music Albums

Animation & VFX

Visual effect (Animation and VFX) brings about amalgamation of live footages and fabricated imageries, by digital effects, to create motion pictures which look true and genuine. It is a technique of art which causes non-real images come to life on screen. Thus, VFX or Visual Effects are a way of collaborating real camera shoot with fabricated images. Almost every single movie these days uses VFX.

And who is not aware of the Animation. What all influenced us, right in our childhood, many amongst them are the products of Animation Industry. The Animation industry in India & Internationally is very huge & is perpetually growing. There is a big market which includes animated cinema, corporate campaigns, educational material, websites with animation and many more to add on.

Necessity of VFX and Animation

Many a time, to bring about the vision of the director into the motion picture it is very dangerous to shoot and if crew undertakes the involved dangers, it becomes expensive for the Production house and maybe, a time consuming task too. At times, the idea which the film-maker wants to portray is impractical… like river water changing its course and now going to moon… as per the demand of the concept of the film, it may be justified but it is almost impossible and an impractical to shoot with the camera. In such cases we need the help of technical team, well versed with animation and VFX, to bring about the desired changes in the motion-picture. The VFX thus created can be used for films and stage shows.

Music Album:

To live a dream is what we, at Rudri Pictures, believe in. We were into post production of motion picture. And we had the bent towards going in film making. We wanted a small project and fortune read our intentions and we shoot our first song: Bavlo Choro Nakhrali Chori We, at Rudri Pictures, believed on our decision and made our decision stand spot-on. The album turned out to be our milestone. A bright feather in our achievement hat. We are now well versed and are now an experienced side to take up many such projects in future, be it for a business campaign or any other type of promotion. Do expect quality work from us.


We part as a visual effects supervisor as we work closely with the vision of the film right from the pre-production stage and merge with the vision of the director and guide accordingly. Our technical team, then engineer their art so as to deliver the apt and the desired result in the post production phase, through Animation and VFX.

There is also limitation these days for the film-makers in accessing various filming domes. Like hurting of animals is banned by the government. At Rudri Pictures, we welcome and support this noble cause but we hold the power to make the film maker not to suffer and we make sure that his motion picture lives to his dreams.

Our dictum is to make each and every product outstandingly beautiful, so that if someone works with us for one time lands up becoming our permanent patron. It's our dream to change the orthodox practice and come up with still better art-form for a more artistic tomorrow.