3d Holographic Projection

3D Holographic Act

3D Holographic Act has an indifferent magnificent charisma. In modern days, it has become an ideal choice for the Corporate houses to exhibit their USPs, in much enhanced way.

Dynamic 3D Pictures formed by diffracting light and playing with such imagery to beautify the magnitude of a performance is 3D holographic Act. The illusive images thus created can be viewed in 3D form with bare eyes, without the use of any special glasses.

We at Rudri Pictures, explore and express our creativity in this novel art-form which allows us to actualize our vision which was earlier thought as a fantasy. It's a mutant art-form combining artistic choreography and cutting edge technologies which merge together on the stage.

We provide a combi-pack wherein a dance form, holographic visuals, 3D effects, AV elements and dynamic imagery interact on stage and creates an unparalleled multimedia performance. Thus this merging also becomes a significant part of the show. So healthier the concurrence, spectacular is the admiration.

Necessity of 3D Holographic Act

It’s an elite and novel form of high-tech entertainment. It is rare too, not much work has been done in this arena. Thus, it is a special attraction. It has a mesmerizing effect leaving one in a different world. Having combining elements of dance, performance arts, music, animation and lighting provide an immersive event that has the power to galvanize any one, yearning for more. We at Rudri Pictures, have a passion to strive for the best, be it the technical team working to make a holographic image dynamic or the artistic team working in symbiosis with the imagery. Our Enigmatic 3D Holographic act leaves the audience amazed and astonished.

3D Holographic act creates an enchantingly distinct art-form. Its exceptional illusion has the competency to deliver an unforgettable experience about the event. Without memorizing, automatically it gets registered in the memories of the viewers.

Rudri Pictures’ dominance in 3D Holographic

We are the one of leading 3D Holographic with interactive dance provider in India. Our works has always been outstanding and matchless in VFX, Led Interactive Visual Act, 3D Motion graphics and Content for Events. We have 10 years of experience working with many Multinational Companies.

Our aim is to deliver an art-form which suffices all commercial requirements of the clientele firm, yet be a form of entertainment so that it gets easily registered in the minds of the audience. Our Holographic acts are well suited for Corporate events, Product Launches, Grand wedding functions and High profile Private Parties.


At Rudri Pictures, we work not to make what is the best available in the market but our focus is to challenge and beat even our best performance every single time we work for a show. Our strength is in our innovative style to quench the entertainment thirst of our clients and their guests.

Our motto is to make our event superlatively attractive, so that each and every person viewing as an audience gets awed and feels the wonderstruck. It's our vision to change the conventional methodology of any event with more contemporary attractions. This makes us unique and different from others.